St. Lawrence Market

This is the second place I’ll introduce very shortly. Not really attraction as CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium or Wonderland but still kind of popular Toronto destination even for tourists. And there is a reason for that.


Of course that is mainly just a huge market but if you can image how diverse Toronto is you can get rough idea how St. Lawrence market looks like. Local products, free samples, fresh markets, vegetable, fruit, fish, meat any kind, cheese from all around the world (except Czech of course, I unfortunately didn’t find Niva or Eidam there hehe). There are also many sweets products, bakeries, cafes and few souvenirs shops. As well as many eateries and tables outside so you don’t have to be stucked indoor. Because is usually crowded there – just as markets are.


Where is it?

Not far and east from downtown. Just about 20 mins walking eastbound from Union station.

Worth to go?

Sure, I’d recommend the place for anybody, specially if you have only short time for the city. Or on the other hand if you live in Toronto longer. Actually, for me, St. Lawrence Market became favourite after more than one year, I haven’t been there before. And regret that. As I regret that I recommended my mother and sister going to Chinatown for the morning instead of this neat market… 😛


Because during my second year, I went there almost every Saturday, for bread and one deal I really like. At one fish market if you come after 3 pm they have to clean up and finish. Therefore they offer “boxes” with different fish or seafood for asap consumption for 10$. I think pretty good deal and you can try different kind of fish. Usually box contains salmon, shark, cod or shrimps.

Go for it!

Only one important information as conlusion – keep in mind that market is closed on Sundays.

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