Scarborough Bluffs

Next trip-tip is my favourite destination in Toronto. Guess why? Of course because it’s very scenic – almost like from different world than from flat by-lake big city.

Normally lakeshore in T.O. is indeed nice like see but little boring. Not at Scarborough Bluffs. There are big cliffs, water has slightly different color than usual and you can also climb up on these steep rock formations. The whole area is divided into 2 spots – top & bottom.


Obviously top is the best for sightseeing and taking pictures. Sometimes, you will have the feeling that you’re somewhere by the ocean rather than in continental Canada 🙂 It’s really really nice there. Just watch your steps, you are staying on the more than 70 metres high cliff without any security! There is steel line fence with warnings but (surprisingly for Canada) nobody keeps it from climbing. It’s on your own risk which is good because otherwise you couldn’t see anything. So everybody does it 😀 If you are careful enough there is no risk.


Bottom part is best for watching Scarborough Bluffs massive and enjoying park from lake shore. There are also many places for picnic, BBQ and chill out. Some grills are even ready for FREE so you don’t need to take yours(!).

Going by public transportation is not easy, you can take subway to Warden Station and then bus and then walk. Or use GO train from Union Station and then walk. No matter what you choose, walking time will be around 30 minutes one way. But for bike or car, very conveninent! You can easily park there.


Fall 2014


Spring 2016

But for sure, be ready to use your feet due to steep climbing, it’s definitely worth to do. Cheers!

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